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About Srijan

Srijan Counselling Services provides holistic mental wellness and development programs for individuals, families, and groups. We believe in “Happy Mind and Happy Life” as the mind channelizes our thoughts and processes the information in a way that we want to interpret and see. Having a healthy mind and right approach will help us redesign our thinking pattern, maintain balanced feelings and emotions, manage stress, encourage active learning and social connect. Leading a balanced life leads to a healthy life.

Preferred Partner

Srijan Counselling Services is a preferred partner for providing preventive mental health and mental wellness programs. We organize mental wellness awareness and education campaigns through social media, personal contact programs, employee assistance programs, community development, and individual sessions. Our focus is on educating people on mind management, thinking patterns, behavior modification, emotional balance and maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

Success is not an accident. It is hard word, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.


Our professional expertise is supportive in empowering and engaging individuals as well as employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. This is easily adopted by them and is seen in practice due to the relevant tools, resources, and knowledge provided by us in a supportive environment.

Focussed & Result Oriented Approach

Our approach will result in a significant positive impact on personal and professional life; physical and mental health; maintain emotional and balanced relationships with people.

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